There is a pressure-free way to reestablish communication when your prospect starts giving you the "silent treatment."

"When Prospects Give You The "Silent Treatment"

"When Prospects Give You The "Silent Treatment"

If youve been selling for a while, youve probably had at least one experience in which your prospect suddenly started giving you the "silent treatment."

Anthony described this dilemma very poignantly when he called me a few weeks ago:

"Ari, I dont know what to do when I get hit with the silent treatment -- you know, when Ive worked with a prospect for quite a while, and weve had great conversations, and they've expressed interest in our solution -- and then all of a sudden everything stops.

I try calling them back once or twice. I even send a follow-up e-mail, but nothing. They just disappear. And I figure Ive lost the sale, and I dont know what I did wrong, or what to do next. It makes selling feel like such a painful and arduous process."

If this has happened to you, you may have felt anxious and confused. You may have told yourself, "Its not as if Im the one who did anything wrong. I put everything into the relationship. How can I rescue the sale if I cant even get them to talk to me?"

The "Hopeium" Trap

There is a pressure-free way to reestablish communication when your prospect starts giving you the "silent treatment." But first, its important to understand why the situation has happened in the first place.

Most of us who sell get caught up in "hopeium," a comical term that means we focus our hopes and desires on making the sale. But hopeium can be a trap, because it's impossible for you to keep in mind your most important goal: to learn your prospects truth.

When we fix our minds on the outcome -- making the sale -- we automatically begin anticipating how the process will go, and we also begin expecting that things will happen as we hope they will.

But if were in that mindset and our prospect suddenly breaks off communication, we feel lost, anxious, frustrated, discouraged, and confused. We become preoccupied with what went wrong.

We may even feel betrayed.

Is there any way to clear up the mystery?

Yes, by giving up your agenda and learning the truth about where you stand with your prospect --and being ok with whatever the truth may be. "But how can I learn the truth when theyre avoiding me?" you may ask. "And why do I need to let go of the sale?"

Lets take the second question first.

If you approach your prospect while you still hope the sale will happen, youll introduce sales pressure into the relationship. This will push your prospect away from you and destroy any trust you have developed with them. Instead, you can eliminate sales pressure by telling them that youre okay with their decision if theyve decided not to move forward.

In other words, you take a step back instead of trying to chase and follow up with calls because youre focused on getting a "yes."

The bottom line is:

When a prospect gives you the "silent treatment," it doesnt mean youve lost the sale. It just means you dont know the truth yet.

What you need to do is call and learn the truth.

Why is learning the truth so important?

Here are 4 important reasons:

1. You stop losing confidence in your selling ability. The "silent treatment" threatens our "hopeium." We start blaming ourselves. We dont know where we stand -- a painful state of limbo. Our self-talk is negative and full of self-blame, and were on pins and needles wondering whether the sale will still come through somehow.

2. You increase your selling efficiency and decrease your stress level. Once you learn the truth about your prospects situation, you can either stay involved with the prospect or move on. I often say, "A no is almost as valuable as a yes." Why? Because it frees up your time to find prospects who are a better fit with your solution. This lets you work much more efficiently because you can quickly weed out prospects who arent going to buy. Knowing the prospects truth lets you walk away without that guilt-laden voice whispering, "If you give up, you don't have what it takes."

Learning your prospects truth translates into tangible results that equal real dollars. Youll also put an end to the self-sabotaging stress that comes from living in "silent treatment" limbo.

3. Sales pressure pushes prospects away. When you respond to the "silent treatment" with calls and e-mails, youre really telling them that youre determined to move the sales process forward -- which means youre looking out for your needs, not theirs. This makes them mistrust you and run the other way.

4. The "silent treatment" -- totally breaking off communication -- is how prospects protect themselves from sales pressure when they dont feel comfortable telling us their truth. The more we press, the more they run.

But the opposite is true, too. The more we relax and invite the truth, the more straightforward theyll be with us. Prospects feel okay sharing whats going on with them when they know were okay with hearing it.

How to Reopen Communication

After Anthony and I had talked about some of these issues, he said, "This all makes a lot of sense, Ari, but Im still not sure what to say when I make that call."

Its simpler than you might think.

* First, simply give your prospect a call. (E-mail and voicemail are very impersonal, so use them only as last resorts if you can't reach your prospect after several phone calls.)

* Second, take responsibility and apologize for having caused the "silent treatment".

Heres some language I suggested to Anthony that will make prospects feel safe enough to open up and tell you the truth about their situation:

"Hi, Jim, its Anthony. I just wanted, first of all, to call and apologize that we ended up not being able to connect. I feel like somewhere along the way maybe I dropped the ball, or I didnt give you the information you needed. Im not calling to move things forward because Im assuming youve probably gone ahead with someone else, and thats perfectly okay. Im just checking to see if you may have some feedback as to where I can improve for next time."

When you respond to the "silent treatment" this way, the results will probably surprise you. You may even learn that the prospect has legitimate reasons for not having gotten back to you.

Youll also find yourself more productive and less frustrated. Itll make a world of difference in your productivity level, your stress level, your income, and how much you enjoy what youre doing.


You havent lost the sale. You just dont know the truth yet.

Streamlining Your Cleaning Operations Through Work Loading

Streamlining Your Cleaning Operations Through Work Loading

Copyright 2006 The Janitorial StoreYou have only so many hours in a day to get your buildings cleaned. Did you know there is a way you can have cleaner buildings and higher employee morale? By implementing a work loading system you can streamline your cleaning operation and save money in the process. Work loading will also help you when bidding on new accounts because your time estimates will be more accurate.So what is "work loading" ? It is a system in which you analyze the amount of time it takes to complete tasks so you can schedule properly and get an accurate estimate of how much your staff can clean in a set period of time.Work loading looks at more than just the minutes it takes to empty trash, vacuum, sweep or clean restrooms. To get an accurate idea of the area your staff can clean you also need to include "non-cleaning" tasks such as picking up equipment, restocking supplies and, if necessary, the drive time between buildings. Through this tool you can manage your staff and know what can or cannot realistically be done with the tools and resources that you have on hand. This helps with planning and scheduling, and can help when you are bidding on cleaning jobs.How does the actual process work? Look at an example of restroom cleaning. According to the ISSA (International Sanitary Supply Association), each toilet, urinal or sink in a restroom takes three minutes to clean. If you have a medium size restroom with one urinal, two toilets and two sinks - multiply six times three to come up with a time of 15 minutes to clean that restroom. Adding on time for sweeping, mopping and re-stocking supplies, you have another ten minutes of time needed to clean that restroom.Adding all of your cleaning times together for a building will give you an accurate estimate of how long it will take your staff to clean that location. Looking at your workload and your employees, you can then decide if it is feasible to purchase high efficiency equipment, such as backpack vacuums or auto scrubbers that will shorten cleaning times. Through work loading you can compare the cost of increasing your staff to the investment in a new piece of equipment.Work loading is a simple process that you can easily test in your buildings. It is important to have a detailed task list that covers all duties your cleaning crews do at a specific location so you can get an accurate estimate of the amount of time it will take to clean a building. This will not only help in the bidding process, but in your overall operations as well.

Sell and rent back then buy back your home

Sell and rent back then buy back your home

There is also something called the rent rebate that is involved with selling to rent then buying a property back. Basically its when some of the money from the rent that a tenant pays is given to the tenant, after their income has been assessed (annually) and they only pay the net amount. An extra add-on charge may be needed if there are others living with the tenant, who are not working and who are not studying. The tenant may have to sign AST (assured short-hold tenancy) , which means a lump sum is paid from the proceeds from the sale, and 12 months rent, so the tenant lives in it rent free for those 12 months.When renting back and you are at the end of the rent back period, if the price your property is being sold back to you is of less value than what it is really worth, you may be able to negotiate with them, so their solicitors will arrange for your stamp duty, fees and part of your deposit to be paid for you.With this solution, if you have the option to buy back your property once you are financially ok, then the price is agreed between you and the company you are selling and renting back from. Normally it is a fixed price for a few years only going up 5% each year. Even if the market fluctuates, you should still be able to buy back your property.This could be the best option for you, if you want to keep the property but are experiencing temporary complications.If you decide to sell and "rent back" your property, you might think that thats it. But some companies will let you buy the same property back from them, after a pre-agreed period of time and when you have the finances. One negative aspect is by this time property prices are likely to have increased.However, if you are buying the property back at the current market value, and the prices have inflated then you also get the added bonus of the increased equity tied up in it.When a property is sold to a sell and rent back company, usually an agreement is made about the length and time of the renting, which can be at least one year or however long you want the contract to be. Afterwards you may be given the choice to buy back your property after the rental period.

Blackjack Strategy Tips: How to Win in Blackjack

Blackjack Strategy Tips: How to Win in Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the few casino games that are beatable in the long run. It means that by using a basic blackjack strategy you can have an advantage over the casino and eventually step away from the blackjack table as a winner. Here you can find the basic "blackjack strategy" explained in a simplified manner. The blackjack strategy is based on the mathematical probabilities of the game and it provides you guidance on the best decisions to make at every possible situation during the game. It takes about an hour to memorize this strategy but it is worth every minute. This does not man you will win every single blackjack game from now on, but with the help of the blackjack strategy, patience and persistence, you can significantly improve your chances of beating the casino in the long run. Note that some blackjack rules vary from one casino to another. In some casinos, both brick and mortar and internet casinos, blackjack is played with one card deck while in others the blackjack game occupies four decks or more. In addition, in some of the casinos the dealer hits on a soft 17 while in others he is required to stand and doubling after splitting is allowed only in some of the casinos. Here you can find a basic strategy to a single deck blackjack game where the dealer hits on soft 17. Playing other blackjack variants would require you to make some adjustments for a few borderline occurrences. First, here is a short introduction to the terms mentioned here:Hard Hand: two initial cards that do not include an Ace.Soft Hand: two initial cards that one of them is an AceStand: when a player is not asking to be dealt more cards after the two initial cards.Hit: when a player calls for an additional card to be dealtDouble: when a player doubles his initial bet after the initial deal, but it requires him to hit only one card.Split: when a player separates the initial two cards into two individual hands and plays them as 2 hands.Finally, here is a basic blackjack strategy: When your initial two card hand sums up to 8 or less: hitWhen your hand sums up to 9 and the dealer hand value is between 3 and 6: double if else: hit when your hand sums up to 10 and the dealer hand value is between 2 and 9: double; if else: When your hand sums up to 11 and the dealer hand value is between 2 and 10: double; if else hit.When your hand sums up to 13, 14, 15, or 16 and the dealer hand value is between 2 and 6: stand; if else hit.When your hand sums up to 17: stand.when your initial two card hand contains Ace 2 or Ace 3 and the dealer has either 5 or 6: double; if else: hit.When your hand contains Ace 4 or Ace 5 and the dealer has 4, 5 or 6: double; if else: hit.When your hand contains Ace 6 and the dealer has 3, 4, 5 or 6: double; if else: hit.When your hand contains Ace 7 and the dealer has 2, 7 or 8: stand; if he has 3, 4, 5 or 6: double; if else: hit.When your hand contains Ace 8 or Ace 9: standWhen your hand contains a pair of 2s or 3s and the dealer hand value is between 2 and 7: split; if else: hitWhen your hand contains a pair of 4s and the dealer has either 4 or 5: split; if else: hitWhen your hand contains a pair of 5s and the dealer hand value is between 2 and 9: double; if else: hitWhen your hand contains a pair of 6s and the dealer hand value is between 2 and 6: split; if else: hitWhen your hand contains a pair of 7s and the dealer hand value is between 2 and 7: split; if else: hitWhen your hand contains a pair of 8s: splitWhen your hand contains a pair of 9s and the dealer hand value is between 2 and 7 and either 8 or 9: split; if else: standWhen your hand contains a pair of 10s: standWhen your hand contains a pair of 8s: split

Tips for Carpet Cleaning

An unbeaten carpet care program commences previous to installation and than keep on with the regular vacuuming, maintenance, clean-up and episodic renovation efforts. It calls for utmost care to shield it against wear and tear and the other hazards of every day use. Here are some implications for upholding the carpets:1.Vacuuming the carpet repeatedly with a strong suction, rotating brush and tight filter will reduce the soil buildup. 2.Examine the carpet before scrubbing, extracting or spotting for the fact that some carpets are very sensitive to acid type cleaners and lose their color in a great extent while other carpets are sensitive to harsh alkalis.3.Do not apply strong spotting agents if not required and always neutralize high alkaline or high acid cleaners after use. Make use of appropriate spotters starting with the mildest.4.Brushing the spot is not a solution for the cleaning. The correct method to do away with the spot is to rub it towards the middle and then compressing into the cloth by means of brush or the other tamping devices. 5.Increasing quantities beyond the recommended solution levels is not going to boost the cleaning efficiency. It will result in residual left which will lead to a rapid re-soiling that thorough vacuuming also cant eradicate. So, take extreme care with the detergents.6.Since over wetting can cause brownout, adhesion problems and carpet shrinkage so take care not to make it over wet in a tremendous amount.7.After cleaning, please ensure your carpet is dried within twelve hours, otherwise mold or mildew may grow on them. Careful use of good ventilation, central heating and air conditioning systems will help the drying process. 8.The ideal way to get a fresh Chocolate Milk spill out of the light colored carpets is to use a product entitled--Simple Green (It is non-toxic). Your carpet will last for a length of time, if clean-up procedure is applied accurately. How often you clean up the carpet will depend on the weather and traffic. Usually, carpets in light traffic region should be cleaned once in a year; in normal traffic areas, once in six months and in heavy traffic areas almost certainly once in a month.

Organize yourself with Custom Closets

If you've done some searching around online, you will have discovered that the latest thing in decorating is organization. Everyone wants to have their homes neatly organized and looking perfect, but achieving perfection can be tricky. One of the more popular companies around that has the solutions that everyone is looking for is Closet World.Closet World does so much more than just Closets.Closet World has been helping customers achieve perfection for years, and has gained a loyal following of customers by following the ideals set down by the CEO, Frank Melkonian, and that is that the customer shouldn't be just satisfied, but ecstatic over their purchase.One thing you may not have known, however, is that Closet World does so much more than just organize closets. If you have a space in your home that is not as orderly as you'd like it to be, chances are that Closet World can fix it for you. Take, for instance, the laundry room. Some are fortunate enough to have an entire laundry room, while others have to settle for a laundry area. It doesn't matter if you have an entire room set aside for your washer and dryer or if you simply have a small area Closet World can set you up.Imagine being able to not only have all of your laundry necessities close at hand, such as your bleach, detergent, and dryer sheets, but to also have enough room to take our clothes from the hamper right onto the hanger and to iron! It sounds like an impossible dream, but Closet World can make it happen, no matter how small of a space you have your washer and dryer in. Imagine not having to worry about hiding your laundry room behind closed doors or behind a screen. When Closet World finishes with laundry area, they are beautiful enough that the clients actually point the laundry room out to their friends, family, and visitors! Closet World is an expert at making closets organized and orderly, but they do so much more than that. Whether its home offices or pantries that you're trying to organize, Closet World can give you a hand. If you're looking to make life a little easier and a little more orderly, contact Closet World!Article source: ( Closet World


There is a pressure-free way to reestablish communication when your prospect starts giving you the "silent treatment."